27 June 2017

Introduction to Alcohol Inks - June 27 2017

"Protect our Lakes and Rivers"
Alcohol Ink on YUPO - 11" x 14" Abstract
June 27 2017

This workshop was my first experience using Alcohol Ink.
LOCATION: Creative Space - Avon OH
INSTRUCTOR: Rebecca Rae Schmidt
After taking this class, I loved the challenge of Alcohol Ink so much that I went out and bought YUPO paper, square canvases, and scooped up whatever ink colors I could get my hands on at the local art supply store. Painting daily, my exploration with Alcohol Ink begins here and progresses as I experiment with small-format abstracts using various techniques. As with any art form, some pieces (currently about 50%) go into the trash because something went un-fixably wrong - but that's the learn-by-doing fun of it!

My dedication to and love of Alcohol Ink art continues - The vibrant colors, glossy tones, and ink behavior are fascinating to me - I am learning new tips and tricks, and developing my own technique and style.  
Shout out to FB "Alcohol Ink Art Community"!